Ivan Yulaev

Software/Hardware Engineer
The Dini Group, La Jolla

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Center for Magnetic Recording Research
University of California, San Diego

Email: ivan at yulaev dot com
I am a (sometimes) avid motorcyclist. Aside from short day trips, I'm interesting in touring of California and other parts of the United States.

Here's me in Northern California; at this point I had been riding since about 3am.

I also enjoy traveling. My most recent trip was to Japan, in April 2010.

My girlfriend and I in Kyoto.

I like reading, but who doesn't? Favorite books include Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, Gilovich's How We Know What Isn't So, and Rosenzweig's The Halo Effect.

Just reading.

Other Interests
Bicycling! I love bicycling, it's great exercise and with a bit of planning can be used as a mode of transport alternative to a car.

Biking back from work on a summer evening.