Ivan Yulaev

Software/Hardware Engineer
The Dini Group, La Jolla

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Center for Magnetic Recording Research
University of California, San Diego

Email: ivan at yulaev dot com
Academic History & Achievements
Ivan is a 2011 graduate from the UCSD ECE Computer Engineering Program. Aside from required classes, the focus of his studies was in Semiconductor Materials and Devices.
Academic Projects
  • ECE135B - Design and Modeling of n-Channel MOSFET for Switching of Perpendicular Anisotropy CoFeB/MgO Spin Valve. We model an n-Channel MOSFET based on the 32nm Intel logic process, taking into account non-ideal effects like velocity saturation, channel length modulation, and mobility degradation due to applied field.
  • CSE141(L) - Design of 34-bit superscalar, pipelined RISC Processor. We design a 34-bit RISC processor using a proprietary ISA. The processor is superscalar and has pipeline stages to increase throughput. The processor was described using Verilog and is syntheized into a Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA fabric.
  • CSE131 - Compiler design. We write a compiler that does extensive type checking and generates SPARC assembly code. The compiler takes as input RC, a language very similar to C. Regression testing was used to help ensure our implementation is accurate.
  • CSE120 - Operating Systems. We write threading management primitives such as locks, semaphores, and barriers, and use these to implement simple multi-threaded applications. We also develop a memory management system that implements a page table, a virtual memory space, and can page memory to a disk file.
  • Graduated Summa cum Laude (Top 2% of graduating class)
  • Recognized in 2011 Henry G. Booker Memorial Honors Program
  • Nominated to present research project at the 2011 UCSD Undergraduate Research Conference
  • Awarded ECE Departmental Honors (2008)
  • Granted full scholarship in 2006 by employer towards technical degree at university